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 Just read it somewhere, funny but true, lol  The nice men are ugly. The handsome men are not nice. The handsome and nice men are gay. The handsome, nice and heterosexual men are married. The men who are not so … Continue reading

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_How to Marry Someone With Baggage_

What to do when the groom has issues When Dave Adams* told his mother that his girlfriend, Maggie, had accepted his marriage proposal, Mom blurted out, "Have you told her about your student loans?" Later, Dave related his mom’s comment … Continue reading

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    The average person progresses through five stages of love. If you wish to learn how the capacity to love develops, you will need to understand these five stages. INFANTILE STAGE.  A baby receives love just because he has … Continue reading

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  (taken from the book "THE COMPLEAT COURTSHIP" by Nancy Van Pelt) If you feel that "Our love love will take care of everything that stands in our way," you are playing with a dangerous philosophy. Why do so many … Continue reading

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_Healing Prayers_

  Healing Prayers – Can I receive healing from God?Perhaps you are faced with a disease or terminal illness and you are looking for healing prayers. You desire to cry out to God for healing! It is usually our hopelessness … Continue reading

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_hmmm, not really too bad at all… :)_

  I realize hours are precious that I must spend them for self growth & for services to others, giving love & understanding because doing such things make me feel better & I have build a new confidence that I can face anything or … Continue reading

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How to Pace Your Love Life

     Do you know what the right speed is for getting involved with someone? Do you think slow and steady wins the race? There’s often wisdom in taking things slow, yet some of us use that as an excuse to … Continue reading

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