_I’m doing nothing… maybe just watching myself in reality:D_


I see the beauty of the setting sun… hoping tomorrow it will rise again … will there be a piece of hope to fill my empty plate? I just hope and hope… God will provide me the means I know. I’m tired of dreaming and I guess this is enough … i will just need a break of thinking about my future and i will just watch  myself everyday if I what I’ve been planning and been asking before will be coming through… that’s all I guess.              

I live well, eat well, sleep well, play my role on my life story well as written in the book of our creator and be what I am — the one who is pleasing to God’s eyes and be that simple human being who is still keep in touch to the ground and will never fly higher than what my wings can’t take  me…  who knows there will be wind beneath my wings that can help me fly higher than what I could imagine. And see…

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